Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Whisky Discovery #53

Isle of Jura Prophecy NAS (46% abv OB Bottled 2012)
Island Single Malt Whisky
Circa £45.00 70cl 

Isle of Jura Prophecy
The second of the two Jura drams enjoyed at the Whyte and Mackay stand at Whisky Live London

Isle of Jura's 'profoundly peated' Prophecy bottlings are released in small batches and are drier, stronger and smokier than the standard peated Superstition being bottled at a reasonable 46% abv

The 'story' behind this malt being called Prophecy lies in an old island tale: In the early 1700’s the Campbells of Jura evicted a wise old seer.

Bristling with resentment, she prophesised that the last Campbell to leave the island would be one-eyed with his belongings carried in a cart drawn by a lone white horse.

Over time the story became legend and the prophecy drifted from memory. Until 1938, when Charles Campbell, blind in one eye from the Great War, fell on hard times and led his white horse to the old pier for the last time.

Prophecy is heavily peated with fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray. Bottled in a traditional style without chill filtration to deliver an authentic taste of 1938. Flavours of peat smoke, fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray with tarry bonfire notes give way to hints of soft liquorice and nutmeg.

So What did I think?

I love a peaty whisky so was looking forward to tasting this. It is a rich amber gold in colour, and on the nose I was instantly satisfied with the Islay like tarry bonfire smoke with it's liquorice and almost medicinal notes coming through.

Crafted from a selection of fine and rare aged Jura single malt whiskies with different peat levels and peat styles, it is finished off by a 1989 Oloroso sherry butt from Gonzalez Byass. It’s non-chill-filtered but the rich amber gold colour comes from the addition of caramel.

On the palate it starts off slightly sweet with fruity notes but soon gets drier and spicier with white pepper. The peat is more intense on the palate and there is a good deal of smoke.

The finish is quite short, dry smoke, liquorice and pepper

This whisky is definitely worth adding to my wish list, and I look forward to having a bottle of this on my shelf soon.

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