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Because this blog is a personal account of our whisky journey, the views and opinions we express are purely our own. We don't advertise for anyone, however we like good service and think that good service deserves credit, so if we're happy -we'll say so!

We don't want to review products from a biased perspective, we're not looking to endorse brands, just tell it like it is, if we don't like it we'll say so.

However, we are always looking for new whiskies to try  If you would like to send a bottle to us – and yes, you really want to do that – you can send us an email from my contact details below, a message through this blog site or tweet us at @WhiskyDiscovery and we’ll work something out for sure!

We're always happy to hear from whisky enthusiasts so please contact us. Perhaps you might see something on our shelf that you would like to try, let us know, We're happy to swap samples and if you're interested let's get together through Skype for a video call and taste the whisky live.

You can follow us on Twitter @WhiskyDiscovery and @WhiskyDiscovKat and join the great whisky community there, and don't forget to like our Facebook page too!

If you’re in the Bedford area and interested in a whisky tasting or join like minded individuals with an informal regular whisky club, we’re looking into starting Whisky Discovery affordable tasting sessions, where malt fans can come together to enjoy some extraordinary whiskies, and through discussion and appreciation hopefully learn something along the way. 

So get in touch through this blog or email us: Dave or Kat (@)

We look forward to hearing from you


grist42 said...

Do you have an email, Dave?
Pat Roberts, Cognis Public Relations

Samuel Speers said...

Hi Dave,
Just a note to say I like the design & content of your blog here. Nicely done. Credit to you & Kat