Monday, 26 March 2012

Whisky Discovery #45

Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition (43% abv OB Bottled 1994)
Islay Single Malt Whisky
Circa £60 70cl

This was my first dram of Whisky Live London. I’ve only tasted the Lagavulin 16 in my short whisky journey, but it is already one of my favourites, and so I must have been naturally drawn to this as I entered the exhibition.

The Distillery notes are below:

Each Distillers Edition expression undergoes a second (or ‘double’) maturation in casks that have previously held a fortified wine. A really distinctive and distinguished dram, full of peat while the Pedro Ximinez sherry wood naturally has a big say; A more mellow Lagavulin, not quite as deep or intensely flavoured as the 16 year old.

Appearance : Golden Treacle

Nose : Intense peat and vanilla. A raisin sweetness checks the smoke. Iodine-edged peat and crisp, roasty malt. Satisfying and enticing.

Body : Full and rich.

Palate : Sweet and luscious; a clear, grassy malt, then the peat attacks, smoke filling the mouth. A very salty tang at one point; the middle offers coffee and vanilla with a glimmer of fruit.

Finish : Incredibly long, even for Islay. Fruit, peat and long-lasting oak. Very chewable and “more-ish”.

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the bottle as before I had even finished my dram I was being whisked upstairs to the Friends of Classic Malts Lounge, however it certainly was a great start to my day. I agree with just about all of the notes above,I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking to get a bottle of this in the future.

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Gal Granov said...

A classic. i have that one.