Monday, 28 May 2012

Whisky Discovery #131

Glen Moray Classic NAS (40% abv, OB, Bottled 2012, 70cl)
Speyside Single Malt
Circa £20.00 70cl
Glen Moray Classic
Glen Moray Classic - the core expression of the range
I've often looked at the Glen Moray 'Classic' sitting on the supermarket shelves, often at a very reasonable price, but knowing nothing of them, and to be fair, never had it been recommended, I've always overlooked them and have either picked up something else at a knock down priced, or simply moved on.

Glen Moray is a classic Speyside single malt whisky previously owned by Glenmorangie and  now owned by the French company La Martiniquaise. We first tasted this at the London International Wine and Spirits Fair at Excel London held in May. We got the chance to meet and discuss whisky with both the Distillery Manager Graham Couell and Visitor Centre Manager Iain Allan on the only stand in a plethora of wine stands that was offering whisky that day. (Knowing that we would be moving on to the SMWS London afterwards, thought it would be best not to mix our grape and grain!)

We were really impressed with this core expression and have kicked myself for not picking up a bottle of this before. Iain told us that it was a marriage of three, five and seven year old casks, all ex bourbon barrels sourced from North America to mature Glen Moray and these produce a whisky with rich and spicy characteristics. 

Official Tasting Notes

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: At full strength, the aroma is fragrant and lightly drying with warming malty notes. The first impression is of butterscotch and shortbread with fresh herbal/grassy notes. Lemon curd and meringue are discovered in the background. With water, malt and spices combine to reveal oatmeal with a hint of freshly ground black pepper. Lemongrass, tea-tree oil and heather aromatics give the whisky a fragrance throughout.
Taste: The mouthfeel is lightly spiced with a warming and gently mouth watering effect. Malty toffee sweetness is present throughout with blackcurrants and a fragrant citrus lemongrass tang.
Finish: Shortbread, fresh herbal notes (lemongrass) and the sweet spiciness of ginger marmalade.

So what did I think?

As I mentioned earlier, I was suitably impressed and pleasantly surprised for such a budget whisky that is often found on the supermarket shelf for well under £20. The nose is light and fresh initially with a bold maltiness underpinning. There are grassy notes, light floral notes and even a little fruitiness. On the palate it's gentle with lemon sponge, butterscotch toffee and a more bitter citrus tang and some oak spice, while the finish is quite short but tangy and spicy. As a 'bang for your buck' dram it nails it for a light refreshing Speysider

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