Sunday, 27 May 2012

Whisky Discovery #128

SMWS 29.115 Candy floss in a fairground (55.8% abv)
Islay Cask Strength Single Malt
Club bottling, not for general sale
The first of my membership celebratory drams

Towards the end of the show we moved back to the SMWS stand - I had decided that I should join the Single Malt Whisky Society and needed to do it at the show to take advantage of the special offer.

So dram No.24 of the afternoon was in celebration of my new membership, I love a peaty whisky, and this was my request.

'Candy Floss in a Fairground'

My notes had gone a little 'wayward' by this time of the day and have limited legible writing to recall so can only post the information available on the label and on the SMWS (sorry!)

This Islay malt was distilled in November 1989 at the Laphroaig Distillery and laid down in a refill ex sherry butt, 22 years later when bottled, yielded 617 bottles at 55.8% abv

The nose was savoury (lamb, gammon, smoked sausage) with definite tobacco (Players Navy Cut), peanut M&M’s, Stollen, banana loaf, raisins, cumin and jasmine. The taste suggested a sea-soaked collie being hair-dried! We also found roasted, salted peanut shells, vanilla, big smoke (smoked mussels?), nettles and ginger cake. The reduced nose evoked hurricane lamps in a loft, while the previous savoury experience became black pudding, haggis and soy sauce. At last, some sweetness came to the palate (candy floss in a fairground, peaches in syrup) along with gunpowder, fruit tea, geraniums and laurel flowers. The distillery produces Prince Charles’ favourite dram

Drinking tip: After paddling in the sea or while drying your hair - well I never got the chance to do that, just a healthy dram at the SMWS stand in The Shakespeare Centre! 

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