Friday, 27 April 2012

Whisky Discovery #81

Powers John's Lane 12 Year Old / Single Pot Still (46% abv)
Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Circa £48.00 70cl

Powers John's Lane - Stunning!
The final dram on the Midleton Stand and my seventh of the afternoon. I'd only recently found out about this whiskey recently after joining The Midleton Distillery's whiskey club 'The Stillhouse'.

The Stillhouse sent me a very nice notebook for recording tasting notes, the front section of the book outlining a little about Irish whiskey and the history of the Midleton Distillery. Power's John Lane 12 was 'marked' on their flavour map, but they missed the opportunity to list their single pot still whiskies in any detail. 

They also sent a smashing bronze key ring which instantly doubled the value of my car when I attached the car keys to it.

The comments around the stand from those who had just tried it were very favourable, and the nose did not disappoint.

Named after the, now extinct, original distillery, this new Powers is matured in bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks. It was rated by Jim Murray's Whisky Bible Awards as the Irish Whiskey of the Year 2012, and World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Irish Pot Still Whiskey and Best Irish 12 years and under Pot Still Whiskey

This is a big whiskey made using a combination of bourbon and oloroso sherry cask matured spirit and a great entry into the Irish Distillers range.

The keyring and note book

Official Tasting Notes

Nose: An abundance of earthy aromas, leather, tobacco with layers of charred wood, dark chocolate and treacle toffee.

Taste: Full bodied spice front followed by vanilla, honey and dried apricot.

Finish: Lingering honey sweetness on toasted oak.

This was really very good, and firmly my favourite of the three we tasted on the Midleton stand. It was so good I went back for a second shot! This is something I will definitely be looking out for, and is firmly on my wish list.

I think we took a short break after this whisky and so missed the Jameson expressions that were also on this stand. Another time perhaps.........

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