Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Whisky Discovery #76

Glenfarclas 10 Year Old (40% abv)
Speyside Single Malt
Circa £29.00 70cl

Glenfarclas 10 Year Old

This was our second Dram at The Whisky Lounge London Fest, and the first of the three cracking Glenfarclas drams.

I've never tried a Glenfarclas before and know little about the whisky or the distillery, but have had a couple of expressions on my list through previous recommendations.

I've found out that Glenfarclas were awarded 'Distiller of the Year' in 2006 by Whisky Magazine for being consistently staying true to it's core values. The distillery relies on six traditional direct fired copper stills and maturation in plain oak or Spanish sherry casks to produce naturally coloured whisky.

From their website:

Colour: Vibrant straw-gold

Nose: Tempting sherry-sweet malty tones combine with delicate smokiness, releasing subtle spices. Warming the glass reveals honey, vanilla and pear drops.

Flavour: Delicately light, with a mouth-watering combination of maltiness, smokiness and sherry sweetness. Hints of dried fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves tempt the taste buds further.

Finish: Long, smooth and spicy, with a delicious, yet delicate, lingering smokiness.

Comment: Gloriously smooth, yet with the depth and finish you would normally only expect of a much older dram. A wonderfully sherried whisky, and an excellent aperitif.

It was a nice introduction to the Glenfarclas family of whiskies. I wrote in my notes that it had a lovely citrus nose to it. It's also at a competative price for a 10 year old Speysider.

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