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World Whisky Day

The inaugural World Whisky Day is on March 27th 2012 and is a global celebration of world whiskies

World Whisky Day is a chance for whisky fans and people new to whisky to get together and raise a glass of Whisky/Whiskey/Scotch/Bourbon/Blended Whisky/Single Malt Whisky wherever they are.

World Whisky Day invites all bars, restaurants, hotels, whisky clubs, liquor stores /whisky shops,whisky clubs/whisky societies, whisky distilleries, individuals and groups to register their events to get them added to the World Whisky Day Global Map and celebrate by raising a glass of whisky.

People are taking part all over the world - Let’s Get The World Involved!

Origins of World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day was envisioned by Blair Bowman, a young whisky enthusiast, in June 2011. Since then he has been working single handedly to make World Whisky Day a global success story for whisky. World Whisky Day is a day for people across the world to thank those who work in the global whisky industry.

University of Aberdeen student Blair Bowman, 21, decided to found the special day after discovering there was no dedicated international celebration in honour of the drink. He has founded what is said to be the first World Whisky Day to celebrate the spirit.
More than 7,000 people around the globe have signed up to register events as part of the celebration on March 27.

Through his website, people from as far afield as India, the United States, South Africa and even Kyrgyzstan have signed up to take part. The student, who is in the third year of an MA in Hispanic Studies, said: "I've already had messages from people saying they're planning to open 40-year-old bottles to mark the occasion and a whisky bar in Kuala Lumpur is holding its grand opening on the day. He came up with the idea for World Whisky Day when he travelled to Spain for the year abroad which was part of his degree.

"World Whisky Day is about sharing and appreciating the drink with friends - not binge drinking - and will be a great way for those new to the spirit to get involved. I'm hoping the day can grow year-on-year and I'm already looking to 2014 as it is such a significant year for Scotland, with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and more Homecoming celebrations planned."

Blair works part-time as a barman at St Machar Bar in Aberdeen, has also created his own blend through the Master of Malt website to mark the occasion. Blair's interest in whisky came from his parents and grew when he joined the university's malt whisky society. He was the third member to join the newly-formed society which now has 250 members, around 50% of whom are women.

Please check out his website:

If anyone is doing anything in Bedfordshire / Buckinghamshire please let me know!

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