Sunday, 15 December 2013


During December we have been taking part in the Canadian Whisky Twitter Tasting with author and Canadian Whisky expert Davin De Kergommeaux. (@DavindeK)

Each Sunday evening Graham MacKenny (@grahammackenny) and Johanne McInnis (@whiskylassie) have hosted the tasting, which end with a blind tasting of one or two Canadian Whiskies.

While we're been discussing Canadian Whisky we have been set a number of questions relating to Davin's excellent book. (you can see what we thought of it here). 

10 were set on the first Sunday, and a further 10 were set last weekend. Answering all of the questions correctly will put you in to the draw for a fabulous prize.

Today is the third Sunday, and we're tasting the fourth and final sample (we started with a double header) and the third tranche of questions will also be released this evening, one of which is below:

#DavinTT2 - Scavenger Hunt Question 23

23. What is “blending at birth?”

a)  Canadian term for mixing different grains together to form a mash bill. 
b)  Mixing 2-year-old rye whisky with base spirit and then put into a cask to mature. 
c)  An in-house breeding program used by a prominent Ontario distillery to insure a bloodline of Master Blenders.
d)  Blending different new make spirits from multiple distilleries and grains to form a Canadian Blended Whisky.

Simple eh?

If you've missed the first 20 questions, have a copy of Davin De Kergommeaux's book Canadian Whisky, the portable expert, (or are extremely knowledgeable !) and would like to enter this competition drop me a line, and for a small bribe I'll send them all to you.

Follow along on Twitter this evening from 2000 GMT using the #DavinTT2 Hashtag

Although all answers should be sent to @whiskylassie you are welcome to send them to me for 'validating' first. I will to check your answers against my own, and if yours are all correct, guarantee to modify one or more of your answers for comic effect before forwarding them to Johanne for you, thus increasing my chances of winning the prize.

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