Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Whisky Discovery #307

Auchentoshan 27 Year Old Master of Malt (58% abv D:11/12/84)
Lowland Single Cask Single Malt Whisky
£99.95 70cl (only available from Master of Malt)

This twenty seven year old Auchentoshan comes from Master of Malts Single Cask Series, and was distilled on the 11th December 1984. It was aged for 27 years in a bourbon barrel and bottled on the 20th November 2012. 

The aroma of this venerable Lowland single malt whisky is particularly intense, and leads to a complex flavour profile with a stupendously long finish

There are just 209 bottles available.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Parma violets, greengages and black currant jelly form an aroma dominated by heady top-notes. Beneath this there are light floral notes and a little ground white pepper.
Palate: This is a light bodied whisky with clean notes of parma violets, lavender and carnations forming up on the palate. The texture is mouth-coating with a slight syrupy quality.
Finish: The finish is elegant and floral with notes of rose water and rose flavoured meringues. On the tail there is a little dried banana which clings on for a long time after the last phenomenal sip.
Overall: All the complexity and depth befitting its age but with a distinctly unique character. A glass of this punchy single malt will go a long way, leave it to sit for an hour or so to appreciate its delicate side.

So What Did We Think?

I found that this needed some time in the glass to develop it's nose. It's dry and dusty at first reminding me of the chalky smell of the old blackboard wiper at school. After a little time it does get very floral, heavily perfumed for a while before settling down to some creamy vanilla with a citrus edge notes, and some sweetshop Parma Violets (I had to go and buy some just to be sure). It really does benefit from airing, but then it has been sleeping for twenty seven years, so wakes up very slowly indeed.

Again the palate is very floral, perhaps a little too much for my liking. It doesn't appear to be gentle in it's approach to giving you it's perfume and brought back memories of 'nice perfume, but must you marinate in it?' one of the put-down sayings we had listed at work that we used to check off as we insulted someone.

Once you get over the perfume attack again it settles down, there was a blueberry taste to it, as in a blueberry muffin, which seems to be very similar to the Parma Violet sweets. This Auchentoshan definitely benefits a few drops of water.

The finish does seem to go on forever, it's a little bit chalky and that blueberry sweetness. I'm sure I woke up the following morning still tasting those Parma Violets/blueberry notes.

Want one? Best be quick as there was just 209 bottles filled. check out Master of Malt 27 Year Old Auchentoshan

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