Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Whisky Discovery #258

anCnoc Peter Arkle Travel Retail Exclusive NAS (46% abv OB, 2012)
Single Malt Whisky
circa £38 1ltr (from airports)
The Travel Retail Exclusive from anCnoc' Peter Arkle range
This is the third bottling by anCnoc in partnership with graphic designer Peter Arkle and was launched in conjunction with the release of the second edition that I tried a couple of weeks ago (Whisky Discovery #218). The first edition being released earlier this year (Whisky Discovery #143) and if you check on that post you'll find some of the background information on the Peter Arkle series. This bottling as listed as a 'travel retail' expression which means you'll only be able to find it at airports and on ferries ordinarily

The packaging has been once again design by Peter Arkle and is inspired by an old-fashioned traveller’s leather suitcase, and the bottle label a luggage tag. The whisky inside is all the work of anCnoc and has been matured in first fill bourbon casks. Released with no age statement, the whisky is bottled at 46% abv, non chill-filtered and presented at its natural colour.

Official taste notes
Colour Light golden
Nose Sweet and spicy with honey and butterscotch closely followed by oranges and lemons. Rich vanilla is punctuated by green apples. Subtle hints of leather and chocolate float in the background. Complex and satisfying.
Taste Honey, vanilla cheesecake and caramel sweetness are followed by bright notes of pear drops, freshly squeezed lemons and coconut. The finish is long and sweet with hints of toffee and spices.

So what did I think?

This has a lovely fresh and fruity nose; creamy vanilla, zesty citrus with grapefruit and lemon, crisp green apples and even a little orange blossom. With a little time in the glass the malty notes start coming out; malted milk biscuits and shortbread and with the citrus and vanilla, it reminds me of a lemon cheesecake.

On the palate it was fresh and bright too. Sweet and tangy, with light orange marmalade notes, sweet honey. The crisp apples are on the palate too and there is a light peppery spice. The finish is not as long as I was expecting, the honey sweetness remains as does the citrus and light pepper spice notes and remains fresh and bright to the very end. The empty glass however reveals rich malty toffee notes.

Out of the three Peter Arkle expressions tasted this year, I think this one has been my favourite, but without some of the first expression to taste alongside it can't be one hundred percent sure, but if anyone is travelling soon could you pick one of these up for me? Ta!

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