Sunday, 11 September 2011

Whisky Discovery #19

Highland Park 12 Year Old (40% abv, OB, Bottled +/- 2011 70cl)
Island Single Malt Whisky
Circa £25

September's official addition
All the way from the Orkney’s, Highland Park is rich and smoky. 

Made from barley malted over burning peat, this Highland malt has a smoky sweetness and a glowing amber colour. Smoothly opulent and tingling with spices and hints of orange peel through to a powerful finish.

Highland Park 12 Year Old remains one of the gold standard malts for other distillery bottlings to aspire to. With a delicious sweetness (heather-honey is their preferred description) and a warming, silky mouthfeel, this is a whisky that never lets you down.

“The greatest all-rounder in the world of malt whisky”. Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion ’The Best Buy amongst single malt whiskies.’ Whiskies to Warm To, Which Consumer Magazine.

I love it - so very smooth !


Jason Debly said...

Try the 15 year old offering from Highland Park. Less emphasis on the sherry and more on the American oak casks that previously held bourbon.


Dave said...

Hi Jason, thanks for your comments. I'm hoping to try a number of the HP range at a tasting later next month. Every one from their range is on my wish list.